How often should I receive a massage?


This is the question I get asked the most.

I can’t tell you how often you should receive massages as only you know how your body is feeling.

If you are someone who holds a lot of stress in your body or are training for an athletic event, regular massage is highly beneficial.

My best advice is to not wait until your body is in agony before booking.


I’ve just had surgery/ am pregnant or am dealing with a particular condition - should I get a massage?


It’s best to chat to me before you book your appointment… if I am uncertain I will ask you to consult with your doctor/ physio/ specialist before you have a massage.


Will a massage be painful?


Depending on what is happening with your muscles, it can have a bit of pain involved.

You are always encouraged to speak up if the pain is way too uncomfortable.

As I work with a lot of trigger points on the body, I will ask you to rate your pain on a pain scale and we can assess whether to back off or continue.


Will i be sore afterwards?


There is a possibility that you will feel sore.

This can last anywhere from 24-36 hours and then your body will relax and you will feel the benefits of the massage.

Many people don’t feel sore but some do. If this is a concern, I will be careful not to go so deep that your body has this experience later.


What do I wear during a massage?


Just your undies. If we need to access your overall gluteal area or upper thigh area I may require you to take them off but it is completely your choice.

You will be covered at all times in private areas. My massages are completely non sexual.


How do I know what style of massage is best for me?


I offer a combination of techniques throughout my treatments and we’ll discuss what you may need according to your stress levels, areas that are giving you trouble and what activities you participate in.

I will check in with you throughout the massage to see what you need.


What if I am ticklish?


Your massage won’t be quick and light in a ticklish manner. It will be slower and more connected as I intuitively feel into your muscles. If you prefer that I avoid your feet or another area, let me know before we begin your treatment.


should i talk or not talk during my massage?


It is completely up to you. Let me know if you enjoy being in your own relaxed state without conversation and I will honour that. I may need to ask you a few questions about what you are feeling during the massage though in order for you to get the best results. But if you like to chat then I am always up for a good yarn!


If I have an allergy to nuts, is this a problem?


Yes! Please let me know ahead of your appointment so I can ensure my oils do not contain any nut oils. There are many other alternatives that are equally nourishing for your skin.


should i leave the oil on after my massage?


Your skin will have absorbed what it needed during your massage. I use my favourite oil (organic black sesame) which is very grounding + nourishing and absorbs beautifully into the skin. If you want to shower afterwards, I recommend not using too much soap (as this will strip out the oil in your skin) but lightly rinsing and towelling off the oil so that it doesn’t stain your clothing afterwards.