I realized a bit too late that my dream job would have been performing with Cirque Du Soleil but then again I’m definitely not an incredible contortionist by any means!

I’m fascinated by the experience of being in the human body…not only for its abilities but for its boundaries, its language, its sensitivities, its mysteries…I could go on and on! It only seemed like a natural thing for me to pursue yoga in 2001 and now immerse myself in training in a movement system called Movnat.

When I teach, I infuse my classes with practical knowledge of anatomy and physiology, natural human movements and a whole lot of playfulness.

I have 400 hours training experience in yoga and a Cert 1 in Movnat (currently working towards Cert 2) and offer Hatha/Vinyasa and Yoga for Backcare for beginners to intermediate students.

In the past 17 years I have taught corporates, athletes, kids, new mums, one on ones, families in their living rooms, ultra stiff people, etc.

I love to share my knowledge and passion for movement and yoga as I know how profound an impact it can have on ones wellbeing.




Never thought I could do yoga…

until Alethea's calming, clear and encouraging session. Feel great and thoroughly recommend!!

- Amanda C.

“Alethea, every time I move, my lusciously aching muscles remind me of you…

and that brings a warmth to my heart, a smile to my face and a light to my soul. Words don't do the feeling justice, after having done a class with you!!!

- Marni K.

“Alethea was an absolute dream to have start the 2nd day of our sales conference...  

She was on time and well prepared for an outdoor yoga session with incense, music, great mats and even blankets for Savasana.  Alethea took us on a relaxing, fun and invigorating journey throughout the class - and really catered for the whole team (including a bunch of men who hadn't even touched their knees in a while!)  Her personality is vibrant and perfect to make even the most uptight boss relax and feel at ease.  We will definitely be using Alethea again at our events. Thank you!”

- Sarah O. Fairfax Radio Network

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